Update - December 2022

I'm learning a LOT about working with contractors and companies in a small town :)

  • The main room where people will order their coffee is now gutted.
  • The room on the east side of the building where people will sit and we'll do meetings and trainings is barely started.
  • We've decided to remove the bathroom on the main floor and build it out on the back "veranda".  This will give us 78 square feet more space in the seating area.   
  • The supply room is pretty much done.
  • The offices upstairs are waiting on drywall.

We're Doing Something New

We made Dillsboro, IN our home 18 years ago (where did THAT time go?) and we're probably not leaving any time soon.

We had the opportunity presented to us to move our businesses into a building rent free as long as we renovated it and maintained a business in there (crazy right? - it's even more than that - but that's for another post).  The building has no furnace, water, water heater, or plumbing... so yeah - it's gonna be expensive.